“We grow neither better nor worse as we get older, but more like ourselves.”

21 Aug

So this quote is one of my new favorites and it can get me into some deep conversations and thoughts. The funny thing about using it today is that I am going to talk about Paleo and food mostly haha! =) typical Laura move.

Every day, week, month, year I grow more and more into the woman I want to be. Every once in a while I’ll sit back and think of the things I do and love now to how I was a year ago, two years ago, heck even two months ago.   I truly believe that there was nothing bad about the girl I was back then, but that I am growing into the person I am truly meant to be and that takes time.

So food, Paleo, yumminess! My senior year in college I lived in my first apartment, duplex actually, with two of my wonderful friends/teammates. (Shout out Reva and Tiffany-what a fantastic year!) That meant we had our own kitchen-needless to say I decided to try to start cooking.  I go through times when I cook a lot, and when I say cook I mean follow recipes and actually make sometime different, and times when I make the most basic meals you could possibly imagine (some of you know what those entail in my Paleo/Crossfit life right now).  Last Friday, I was thinking about what I could make for dinner and decided to look up a Paleo recipe that involved ground beef (I have a ton of it at home, but wanted to get creative with it) I found a great looking meatloaf recipe! It turned out delicious too! (I even had a taste tester that can confirm it was yummy! It’s not just my imagination=) )

Moral of that story; I was talking to my amazing mom (love you!) on the phone on Sunday and telling her about my Friday night/weekend and she goes, “Laura, when you were younger you wouldn’t even touch my meatloaf when I made it! I always had to make you butter noodles or something else.  You eventually ate some of it but you just covered it in ketchup.” Haha I was laughing so hard when she said that because I can vividly remember that, I used to eat so much butter noodles it wasn’t even funny! And now I wouldn’t even touch it. I realized I have these conversations a lot with my mom now, she about died when I told her I ate mushrooms and Brussels sprouts! My response to her was, “I’m growing up Mom!” haha something like that =)

Take a moment, think back to a year ago, two years ago, even 6 months ago; what are things that are different about you now? Whether it be the food you eat, how you prefer to enjoy your Saturday mornings (Endurance class at CFD!! Woo woo), the books you like to read, the TV shows you watch, the new things you do, adventures you partake in that you never thought you would, the people you surround yourself with, your priorities, etc. Are they all positive changes? They should be! Each day we should strive to make ourselves better people, grow into the person we are meant to be.

Do you have the courage? I have faith that you do.


Meatloaf Recipe from one of my favorite blogs-everydaypaleo.com ENJOY!!



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