“There is no such thing as over training, there is only under recovery.” Dave Spitz

28 Aug

When I first started Crossfitting it was SO hard for me to take rest days. I just wanted to go go go, lift lift lift , wod wod wod! I love being at the box, I love how I feel during (well okay not all the time-sometimes I feel like dying) and after workouts, it is such a high! An Addiction for sure, but the best kind of addiction right?? I always say, “there are WAY worse things I could be obsessed with than Crossfitting and eating paleo =)” (and really it always includes a huge cheesy grin on my face)As I started getting more into it and training harder, I have learned the importance of rest days and I savor mine and enjoy EVERY minute of them!! =) Every Thursday and Sunday I rest, these days are pretty much set in stone do to my work schedule, with an occasional swim or some sort of active rest. (Usually if I do an active rest day it’s always Thursday and Sunday is completely off) I was also never really into supplements or post workout routines, until about a month ago.

‘To become a top competing Crossfit Athlete I need to start drinking protein shakes’-that seemed to me like the only logical answer, right? Haha =) Well, it did seem like a good idea so I started back up! This time though I went with Progenex Recovery-I have heard such great feedback on how it speeds up muscle recovery and have had a lot of friends tell me that they can tell a significant difference when they are taking it vs. when they are not, so here goes nothing! It’s been about 3 weeks I think, so far so good?! =) So for me this choice was more about the recovery effects than getting protein in-I tend to eat a lot of protein i.e. Meat! So it wasn’t a worry for me, but I think all the other goodness in Progenex Recovery will make my body and muscles feel wonderful-here’s to hoping! (I’ll come with an update in a few months and let you guys know how it’s working out)

Another amazing thing I started drinking is Nuun.  For those of you that have never heard of Nuun, you are miss out! It is “Packed with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugars or carbs, and portable, Nuun Active Hydration is the perfect sports drink. The electrolytes found in Nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently.”(directly from their website-check it out! http://www.nuun.com/ ) It is delicious and doesn’t have the sugar that other electrolyte drinks have-sugar is my ENEMY! Depending on the workout I will sip it during, but ALWAYS have it after. It rehydrates me and keeps me from getting those post workout headaches. Anyone ever get those?? My first competition I was getting them so bad that my Coach, Noal, made me drink salt water! Trust me, Nuun tastes a gazillion times better than pouring a salt packet into water and drinking it BLAH! And probably works better too =) Lucky for us! Also, if you are anything like me, I basically drink two things on a daily basis-coffee and water.  Although I LOVE both of these a lot, water can get a little boring so nuun spices it up a bit! They also have an “all day” Nuun that is better if you are wanting to drink it throughout the day as opposed to specifically after a high intensity workout-also very delicious.

Last but DEFINITELY not least-sweet potatoes!! Haha I love them. I have stopped eating them AS much as I did before/would like to =) but I do believe they are a great addition to a Crossfitter’s diet or anyone working out at a high intensity.  What I do now is try to only eat them after my workouts, specifically ones that are higher intensity-metcon or what most people think of as the ‘WOD’. They are a good carb that will not spike your blood sugar, they are anti-inflammatory and they are YUMMY!

That picture pretty much sums up my post workout/recovery plan this far in my CF career.  Recovery is SO important, I can’t stress that enough. Noal has ingrained that in me and I want to pass that along to all of you.  You must listen to your body; learn the ins and outs of what ‘good sore’ vs. ‘bad sore’ vs. ‘hurt’ feels like. It takes time for sure, but it is such an important tool to have!  ** please share your Recovery routine and ideas in the comment section-there are a lot of them out there and we can all learn from eachother to find what works for us!

Another great recovery tool, taking my handsome man Joey on walks-I mean c’mon how cute is his new haircut??? I had to post this! I just can’t get enough of the little guy =)

Happy Tuesday =)


2 Responses to ““There is no such thing as over training, there is only under recovery.” Dave Spitz”

  1. Libby August 28, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    Great Blog! I have to constantly remind myself that recovery is important! I am good at taking rest days (haha) but not good at being more active with my rest, such as stretching, recovery drinks, etc. I am working on it! Thanks for the reminder!


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