Strength is SO Much More Than the Weight You Lift

5 Sep

In my last post I quoted a fantastic athlete Mr. Farris on how it is not all about the weight you throw up, but how much effort you are giving. Now I still stand to my word in that he is totally on track with this, but I also think there might be two sides to the this story. Strength means much more to me than just how much weight I can get over my head or pull from the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I love that part! But Crossfit has made me stronger in more than just a physical way.

One of my favorite things about Crossfit is that it is measurable.  We tell every new athlete that comes into our doors this and explain why we have ‘standards’.  Movement standards allow us to compare what we did from Day 1 to Day 30 to Day 100 to Day 400 and see our growth, knowing that we did the same exact thing, hit all of the movement standards on each of those days. How cool is that? I think the big reason this came to mind this morning is because I had a huge couple of days with PRs on my lifts and I was thinking back to where I was when I first started, a year ago, even 6 months ago.  Progress is such a cool thing and it is definitely what keeps me going day to day.  It motivates me to keep walking in that yellow door; I want to continue to get better and better and better! I also see the progress I have made as woman, how I’ve grown into and continue to grow into the person I want to be! Crossfit has helped with that A TON!

I apologize now for the non-Crossfitter’s that are reading this, I know I can be a little strong hearted about CF and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I do believe that anything that gets people up, off the couch and moving around is still great! But seriously, I think back to the days when I went to X-sport or LA Fitness, what was I doing? I lifted some dumbbells, climbed the stair climber, did a few crunches, and lunged around…but why? What was driving me to work hard? Body Image. 2nd favorite thing about Crossfit. It was finally taught me to love my body and embrace the body I was given. Soccer used to drive me to work out but I was doing it for someone else, never completely happy with the way I looked and felt.  After college I had nothing to shoot for, to work towards, I just went in the gym to make sure I didn’t get “fatter” or to “lose weight”. YUCK!! That makes me cringe now. However, when someone tells me, “Your arms look big!” or “Your butt is huge!” or “You’re a beast” it’s like the best compliment ever! Hahaha how funny is that? My friends and I joke about the things it is only okay to say to a Crossfitter, aka those three statements.  But it’s true. For the first time in my life, I am not caught up (as much as least-I’m still a girl let’s be real =)) in how I look, but so focused on what I am doing inside the box. Am I making progress, are my lifts getting heavier, is my technique on the road to being flawless, is my Fran time getting better (EW Fran!!! We have a love, hate relationship for sure!) Etc.  “Strong is the new Skinny”-when I finally truly believed this, it changed my life, I am doing this all for ME and no one else and that feels good, really good.

Another thing I love about Crossfit it the amazing people it has brought into my life.  There are so many people that I am super close with now that I just can’t imagine my life without.  Crossfit attracts people that are dedicated, hardworking, successful, motivated, want to carry on a healthy lifestyle, have respect and so much more.  The relationships that have formed from the people I’ve met at CFD are just amazing.  (Don’t worry all of my non-Crossfit friends. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE you all a lot!!! I’m just adding awesome new people to my list of already awesome people =)). Even outside of close relationships, Crossfit just brings this sense of community to everyone that does it. Whether you are from another box, another state, you have this underlying ‘thing’ in common that glues you together.  Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, get better, be the best person they can be! People motivating you to push yourself past any limits you thought you had. Plus Crossfitter’s are just fun! Well I mentioned in a previous post, that I would elaborate more on how Crossfit has changed my life-there ya go! More ways than one.

Post on the comments, what is your favorite thing about Crossfit? And hey, if you don’t do it-why don’t you? Or what’s your favorite thing about what you do to stay healthy? (I’m open minded =))


2 Responses to “Strength is SO Much More Than the Weight You Lift”

  1. Brooke September 5, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    My favorite thing about Crossfit is the Olympic lifting! My favorite thing about staying fit is the science behind it.

  2. Ed September 9, 2012 at 12:52 pm #

    Thanks for the thought-provoking and always energetic posts lately, Laura!

    I miss CFD so much already… when people here ask me what I miss about the US, the first thing that comes to mind is Crossfit.

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