Suns out, Guns out!

10 Sep

Saturday morning 8-9am might be my favorite hour of the week.  It includes a hard, but amazing seal fit type workout at Crossfit Defined and is always alongside my wonderful friends. We stay in on Friday nights, we get up early, and we Crossfit.  We all work out, we push each other to do better, we laugh together and most Saturdays we enjoy a yummy Paleo brunch after =) I mean, can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday mornings? I know I can’t.

Last Saturday we came up with team names (it was guys vs. girls) and one of my tiny but mighty friends Christina threw out the name, “Dudes for Realz” I immediately started laughing, as did everyone else around I think, but then later that day it made me think about how women always strive to be equal to men, or better.  It’s interesting. I think there are a lot of physical things that just no matter how amazing you are as a woman there is a good chance the guy can do it better.  Life. Genetics. Blah. So this also leads me to think about another reason I love CF-I can be better at some of the guys during certain workouts.  It is a pretty awesome feeling!! I think in the world we have gotten to the point where women and men are treated equal in the working world; intelligence, abilities, and in normal everyday life (at least I hope so, maybe I’m being a little naïve..maybe not!). Watching ladies get strong in the box is so great-no more “can you pick that up for me please” (although I still have to ask someone to help me lift the dang sled because it is so big and awkward to get up onto the clips we have it hanging from and I hate that! Haha =) ) but we do it ourselves! Woo Woo!! O and they are not called ‘girl push-ups’ they are ‘modified push-ups’ there are plenty of men out there that do them too! I don’t know why that bothers me so much, but it does! Just because it is modified version to make a little easier does NOT mean they should be called girl push-ups. Whoever came up with that?? Lame.

On a not so serious note-man moments come to mind. My good friend Liberty shared this with me and I about died.  She was at home in Alaska, yes she is from Alaska-how cool is that? And I had the opportunity to go with her last year for a teammates wedding=absolutely incredible there! Any who, she went to grab the mail from her mail box through her car window one afternoon and ripped the entire front lid off! Then she laughed and said, “Man moment” Hahaha Every time she does something where she doesn’t realize her own strength and breaks something she calls in a Man Moment.  I was like laughing so hard! And totally thought, “OMG I have these too!” At my other apartment a small piece of marble from the counter top chipped off. I saved it for about 4 months (all that time thinking I’d fix it at some point) then when I went to show it to someone, I went to fit it into its broken spot and with one finger I crushed the little guy to pieces!! Waah waah!! Haha I mean, it was a tiny piece of marble but still-man moment! Do you ladies out there every have these man moments? I guess men can have them too they just aren’t as funny because you can’t call them Man Moments =)

This post is not about me hating men by the way, I have some wonderful men in my life, dad, brothers, and great friends! But it’s just about women being awesome =)

Alaska 2011


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