Every Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End

13 Sep

“Time to get meaty”. For some reason that phrase has been the new saying around the box lately.  It cracks me up! I ‘m not sure which one of my elite friends came up with it, Trevor, Austin, Sutor…either way it’s sticking.  I thought of it this morning when I could barely get out of bed due to the fact that every muscle in my body feels like it was put through a meat tenderizer.  Yesterday day I stated the first day of my new training program.  Let’s just say, Noal picked it up a notch.  Holy cow. Good stuff!! You know how your quads feel after “The terminator” or “Tabata air squats”? (for those none crossfitters, imagine going to sit down on the toilet and your quads feel like they are going to bust out of your skin…something like that =) ) It’s great feeling none the less haha

I’m very excited about the new program, I have seen some great results already from the last 6 weeks and I excited to kick it back into gear after a deload week.  Another thing I started doing about a month ago was one on one boxing/kickboxing with our guy Fernando.  It’s amazing! He is such a funny guy and one incredible boxer. I still flinch a little when he goes to “fake kick/punch” me haha you’d think with older brothers I’d be more apt to getting hit, but they were too busy fighting with each other =)

Twice a week I step into this unknown, uncomfortable, but energizing, exhausting, and fun zone.  They say get out of your comfort zone (whose they anyways??) and that is exactly what I do! I tell him every day, “I’m a lover not a fighter” but he is still trying to get me to spar…doubtful =)

I think boxing has become a great cross training tool for me.  I love Crossfit, heavy lifting, WODing, running, pushing the sled, all that jazz, but this just changes it up a bit. Plus now I know how to actually punch just in case I ever need that tool haha and let’s be real-it still needs A LOT of work! (Side note on that: Jenny asked me yesterday, “How is boxing going? Are you getting any better?” and I turned to Sutor as he is walking by and ask him to answer that question, he just started laughing hysterically and walked away. Haha pretty much sums it up =) But hey, I love it and I think it’s really been helping me a lot! Try something new today, this week, get out of your comfort zone and give something else a go.  You never know-you may just love it!

Back to my training, I am competing in this Fire Breather Competition the first weekend in December.  They have posted the WOD’s already too which is interesting. I supposed for regionals we found out about 4 weeks out, but 3 months! Lucky for me though-it definitely has a lot of my weaknesses in there. Muscle ups (I know right? C’mon. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it Just going to keep telling myself that) Weighted pull ups, shoulder to overhead-basically anything that involves my shoulders/arms. They need a little work. BUT that’s okay because guess what, work has started!! One day, I’ll have shoulders/arms like Jenny, Liberty and Christina-a girl can dream =)

A lovely lady posted that on my Facebook wall yesterday and I just had to share it! I was cracking up! (the cackle might have even come out =) )How funny?? Especially because I just reference my small arms (although I know this is getting at length more but still fitting) Embrace the things you might be lacking or need work out, embrace the parts of you that you might not love and make it all better! That’s all we can do.  We all should stop talking about the things we don’t like or the things that we are bad at and just get to work. Work. Work. Work. Make a change. Do something different. Make yourself better each and every day! (And I know I need to practice what I preach a little, but I have been working on Muscle ups at least twice a week!! And those are my worst enemy.  One day I’ll love them! That’s the goal anyways =))

Happy Thursday everyone!

*Shout out to my amazing brothers, I don’t know what I would do without you guys! Best big brothers a girl could ask for!


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