Fall is HERE!!!! (official start of fall-Saturday)

18 Sep

Fall is here and I am loving every minute of it! It is my favorite time of year for sure.  Jeans, Hoodie, cup of coffee and some moccasins=amazing! OOO and scarfs and boots! AHH see love fall =) I will say though, it was a little tough getting out of my warm bed at 6am this morning to work out and feeling like I was freezing (and it’s not even old yet!), but then after getting meaty =) and having a great workout, to walk outside and take in the fresh air, ahhhh it was so wonderful. Nice walk around the block with some cinnamon spice coffee=exactly why I love fall and working out in the morning-such a great way to start my day-might have been the most perfect morning! O and of course the blueberry Paleo pancakes I made as well-my 1-2x/month treat, so so delicious!!! (Dang, I keep forgetting to take pictures of them!! Next time friends, next time).

What kinds of things do you like to do in the fall? Coming from someone who is not too fond of running, fall is the perfect weather for a nice run.  I think taking the time to go for a run should be something I start implementing a little more. I did it last fall a couple of times a week and it just made me feel really good.  It was never super tough, just 3-6 miles, whatever pace I was feeling.  It would loosen up my muscles and I got to enjoy the weather =) When you Crossfit, it is so important to take care of your body.  I can’t stress that enough, whether it be what you put in it, recovery, mobility, etc. You have to listen to your body and take care of it. I have trouble sometimes saying no and stopping if something is tweaked or not feeling great, but then I remember that whatever it is that I am about to do is not worth it if I have to sit on the bench for a week or longer.  These long runs (like how I say long when I mean max 6 miles? -that is some peoples warm up haha) are therapeutic for me, recovery runs.  I know I need to do sprint intervals or 200/400/800 M repeats, which I do, but those are more of a workout (they will leave me drained and potentially sore) where as these “long runs” will (in theory) leave me recovered and fresh for the next day.  That’s the idea any ways =) we will see how long this lasts haha although now that I have a running buddy hopefully I will continue until it gets colder.  I am definitely a fair weather runner if you’d even classify me as a runner  =)

How hilarious is that picture! Love it.

Cara always comments on my “engine”.  That I have something that not a lot of people do and that is not something you can teach someone to have.  It always means a lot to me when she talks about it… “Engine”-the ability to keep going, push through, even when I might feel like I want to die and give up, someone (usually one of my Coaches) says ‘pick up the bar’ or ‘pick up that Kettle bell’ or ‘hop back up on the pull up cage’ and I do it. No thought, no second guessing, I just do it. Crossfit definitely brought out this “engine” in me. I think I had a little bit of it when I played soccer, but I always referred to it has ‘having a lot of heart’.  I wanted to win, play well, and make my coaches/parents proud so bad that I always played my heart out.  I think there is a lot of that in me when I CF, but I also think the engine is something different.  It’s almost as if I choose when to have the engine.  When I WOD, I am in a whole other world, and I can block out everything around me and just get after it.  BUT, I can’t do that when I run (can’t or choose not to).  Or maybe I just don’t enjoy it as much so that desire or heart isn’t in it… the thought of running any longer than ummm let’s say maybe 6 miles, just sounds awful! So many people tell me that once you pass a certain amount of time/miles you just forget about what you’re doing and you can just go and go. I have never felt that way. Haha I wonder why that is?! I just think I found something I truly love and want to succeed at and I just get in the zone. I talked last week about comfort zones and how everyone should try to get out of theirs and try new things. I will leave you with this quote I just came across..

“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done”

**Also, I said I’d update you on my bar/ring muscle up status-I have continued to work on them. I can get bar muscle ups now consistently (still can’t string them but haven’t tried that really) and my muscle ups are coming along…it’s the dip part that kills me…Every other day though I hop up there and give them a whirl.  They scare me, I’m mental with them, but I have been trying to put that aside and just make it happen. I have to really, it’s not an option not to. Muscle ups are definitely out of my comfort zone =)


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