Found a CFD Home Away From Home-Denver, CO!

9 Oct

Thank goodness for my two amazing friends who got married this weekend because my special lady and I were able to go to Colorado! If you haven’t been you are truly missing out-it is so wonderful there. Even with the colder weather, you still couldn’t help but love every minute of the mountain air. If you ever have the opportunity to go out there I think you’d be crazy not to go, as a matter of fact, I’d make the opportunity happen- It’s such a beauty.

Lucky for me, my girl is a Crossfitter too so what was #1 on our list-find a Crossfit =) I have visited a handful of CFs across the country on my travels (usually to weddings, love you friends!) and unfortunately have not been overly impressed by any of them, until I came to Crossfit Denver (CFD!!) I’m sure I am a little biased because my CFD is my life, my home and my family, but still.  Crossfit Denver surprised me, the coaches, the athletes, and the programming-all great! A big thank you to Scott and Clark for great coaching-tons of fun and I PRed my clean!! (180# woo woo) I can truly say it is the first time I have visited a box and felt a little bit at home, nothing will compare to my current CFD family/atmosphere I am sure, but everyone at Crossfit Denver made us feel welcome. It was great =)

Some might think we are crazy for wanting to get up early on our vacation to go Crossfit, some might think that sounds like the exact thing they would do-I can’t imagine it any other way =) Plus afterwards we went to the most delicious brunch place EVER! And it’s call Snooze, how awesome is that?

So after getting some heavy lifting in and a WOD with a ton of great people, we went and enjoyed delicious coffee, mimosas and yes, some pancakes! They were gluten free so they made me feel a little better =) but so worth it. We were given life to enjoy it, right? Like I’ve stated in previous posts, I tend to get caught up in rules, discipline, training, doing everything by the books-but you know what? Sitting there after a great workout, enjoying brunch with a girl who makes my heart smile, and splurging on some pumpkin pie pancakes, was a little moment in my life, with a huge significance, a moment I’m sure I will never forget (and I forget a lot of things, let me tell you). We all need these moments in our lives.

A few athletes this morning asked me how Denver was and if I did anything really fun. After sharing my Crossfit experience, clearly, I was kind of stuck as to what they would have considered “fun”. The weekend was filled with ‘little moments’, sitting on the coach Sunday morning having coffee with Jenny and catching up, riding in Dana’s jeep with my soccer girls rocking out and singing our hearts out like the good ole days driving through campus on our way to East Gate field for a game, finding a small bakery and chatting with the owner-this older German woman who was just as sweet as can be, and enjoying some gluten free/sugar free/dairy free pastries =) and many more. They were what made the trip memorable.  Now, don’t get me wrong-the big moments are important too! Seeing for the 4th time, two of my good friends commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives is so beautiful. I felt blessed to be there and share with them their special day.  Plus the little soccer reunion was a big bonus! So no matter the size, enjoy every moment.  Don’t wait around waiting for something more, but cherish the now.  The now will be gone before you know, don’t let it pass you by.


One Response to “Found a CFD Home Away From Home-Denver, CO!”

  1. Remy October 10, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    How did I JUST find this!? 😀 awesome!!! I’ve read a few back. Inspiring 🙂

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