27 Nov

This post was inspired by my good friend Lindsay who brought me home a tank top from the Crossfit Box she went to in Hilton Head while she was on vacation.  It was also inspired by the fact that it is FINALLY Christmas Season! =)

So much of one’s happiness and success is determined by if they believe they can and believe they deserve the best.  Believing seems like such a simple thing to do, but for most people it is quite the opposite.  Trusting that good things are coming and accepting that you deserve them is more than half the battle.  I am 100% an advocate in the power of positive thinking.

It took me a while to get to this point in my life. On the surface I was a positive thinker; I’d say things out loud but not truly in my heart believe what I was saying.  When you make a stand to yourself and decide to believe, to have faith, to say YES I CAN, good things will come to you as they did for me.

This correlates to Olympic lifting too and other movements in Crossfit (EX: Muscle ups!) Half the battle is trusting in the possibility of it happening-whatever IT may be.

Imagine IT will happen.

Believe IT will happen.

Hard work + Faith = Success

Olympic lifting can be scary, swinging on rings that dangle 15ft from the ceiling can be scary, climbing a rope can be scary, but we have to have courage and trust in our body’s ability to complete the task at hand. I have read a lot on how a big part of weightlifting is imagining yourself completing the lift. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it, the whole closing your eyes and seeing yourself do it, then I realized it’s the same thing as believing.

Everything is possible if you believe it is.

Believe in yourself. Know you are great. Trust in the process.


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