Crossfit Opens 13.1-Done and Done

11 Mar

Have you ever gotten through a task, whether it been part of your job, a workout, an event you ran, an exam from College, a homework assignment in High School, whatever it is, and thought to yourself, “I probably could have given it a little bit more.” Or “I think I had a little bit left in me, I wish I would have done X or Y or Z different/better.” I am pretty positive that every single person reading this can say yes to that answer if they are being truly honest.

Why is that?

Do you remember that feeling after you were done? That feeling of wishing you did more, knowing you were capable of better?

It’s not a fun feeling.

My favorite part of 13.1 was that I had the EXACT OPPOSITE feeling after I was done.

As I dropped to the floor after hitting my 6” target for the 10th time at 16:59 gasping for air, feeling every single muscle and tendon in my body burn, my heart pumping, I thought to myself…I did it. I got 190. I gave it all I had. I left it all out on the field. I could not do one more burpee or one more snatch if I had one more second. That is one of the best feelings in the world.

To know you gave it your absolute all- no questions asked, no excuses, no what if’s, no I should have’s.


Talayna Fortunato posted this quote on her blog last night and it really hit home.

I may not be #1 in the world or even the region and regardless of trying to get to regionals with the team or individually, I will give every ounce of will I have in me during every workout. Why would I not? Why give any less than everything I have while trying to accomplish the thing I want most? I just won’t accept anything less of me and neither should you.

I do think there is a time and place for throwing the gear into full throttle. If we lived every second of our lives in 5th gear we’d all be exhausted! But take a second and think about the top 3 things that are most important to you in your life right now. Every time you encounter that, are you putting your whole heart into it? If you aren’t, why is that?

Growing up, my dad used to always say “Give it 110% today” before my soccer games. I don’t think I ever fully understood his need of saying that extra 10%, but now I do. That extra 10% is the stuff you didn’t really know you had in you. It’s you conquering the ‘thing’ you never thought possible. Doing more than you figured you were capable of. That 10% could be the most important 10% of your life.

This is the exact reason I love the Opens so much. Every single person at CFD accomplished more than they thought they could. Some conquered a fear; some threw more weight over their head than they ever dreamt possible. Some PRs small, some huge-but either way a PR is a PR and seeing people surprise themselves by accomplishing a goal they didn’t even know existed for them is truly inspiring. What an amazing environment yesterday was. Couldn’t be more proud too!

I owe a lot of my performance last night to the amazing community of friends, coaches and teammates that surrounded me, literally in a semi-circle =) I could have never done it or pushed myself to that limit, without each and every one of you. Thank you so much. You guys are amazing!

photo 1(1)IMG_5165

Above is a picture of Lib and I during our first go around of 13.1 on Wednesday. In college, we played directly next to each other on the field; she at center back and I at left back.

Here we are again, side by side =) I’m loving everything about it-what an amazing athlete, teammate and friend you are Ms. Ziegahn! So happy to be snatching next you-even if my face says otherwise 😉

So that wraps it up-Week 1 of the Crossfit Opens is over. What is in store for us next?

Whatever it is, whatever you do, do not sacrifice the gift.



One Response to “Crossfit Opens 13.1-Done and Done”

  1. Liberty March 11, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    Love you murph you are my hero glad to be back side by side

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