Time to Shine!

27 May

[This has been way overdue. The past 6 weeks have been so crazy; I can’t even begin to explain. I think about blogging a lot and have been missing it, but with training for Regionals, working and some other unfortunate family matters I just have not found the time. I apologize! With that being said, I hope to be back on track =)

Happy Memorial Day! I hope every takes a moment today to remember those we have lost and those who have fought and survived, while serving our country.  You are all truly appreciated!]

In life all we can really ask for out of people is their best, right? Sometimes your best isn’t good enough and I’m sure almost everyone has experienced that and it sucks. Too put it bluntly. On the flip side, I hope many of you have found yourselves in situations where you did not think you would succeed and you greatly surprise yourself. That is the spectrum of life. We all hope we fall more towards great successes than unforeseen failures, but a little of both is what makes us human.  It’s what defines us.

Confidence is also essential to success. There is a fine line between cocky and confident and it can sometimes be hard to find. I think part of being confident is being realistic. Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to mix the two together to do something great.


Limits should never be set; we should all strive to do better than what we imagined was possible. Do something EPIC! Epic is in the eye of the beholder. The only way to be epic is to put yourself out there, do something that scares you, embrace the adrenaline and feel your blood boil, get in the zone and get it done. If you do that, everyone around you that means anything to you will feel the epicness. (I decided to make up my own word =))

This weekend the only thing on my mind will be my teammates. Everything I do, every ounce of energy I use, every breath I grasp for, every burning sensation in my muscles will be for them.  I will be confident that my best will be epic for them. At the end of the day that is what matters most to me.

One more day of training (light) and then it’s go time. With Regionals only about 3 days away, I feel anxious and excited, ready to rock n roll. I have had so much fun training with my team-I am ready to get to Navy Pier and spend 3 days competing side by side putting all of this training into action.


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