16 Jul

Be who you are. BUT respect others for who they are too-even when it’s different from you.

I was reading an article last week that gave 6 tips to be a good Crossfitter. After reading it, I started thinking a lot about Crossfit and its connection to our everyday lives.

I love Crossfit. I love everything about it. I am passionate about it and if you don’t know me you would know all of that in the first 5-10 minutes of talking with me. However, I need to remember that not everyone feels the same way. AND that is OKAY!

Embrace your non-Crossfit Friends- Before you started Crossfit you likely had some friends that didn’t do Crossfit.” This is one of the lines that stuck out to me.

It’s so true.

We all existed in life before Crossfit. Although I truly believe most of us would never want to go back, we have to respect those people in our lives who do not Crossfit. Remind ourselves to talk about other things than our PRs and Fran time. I know all of my non Crossfit friends (or am hopeful) support and love my passion for Crossfit, but at the same time they appreciate it when I talk about other things as well =)

**Special shout out to all of my non-Crossfitting friends!! You are still LOVED and APPRECIATED!! I would not be the same person I am today without each and every one of you too!! <3**

Respect Fitness in many forms” This is another line that stuck out to me while reading this article.

Yes, I believe that Crossfit is the most efficient, safest, fastest, and most fun way to get into shape and continue to live a healthy life. With that being said, especially as fitness professional, I should respect all fitness genres. Although I may not believe in the methods or movements does not mean they are wrong. I can express my opinion when needed and let me passion shine through, but if people are moving and lifting and doing some sort of exercise, THAT is what is most important.  I do believe that Crossfit CAN be for everyone, but that NOT everyone will like it. With that being said we should all respect anyone who is moving their bodies and working towards a healthier life-not bash them for not being one of us.

I think these two things relate so much to our lives outside of fitness too. Think of all the hobbies and interests that some people may have that differ from yours. You don’t like them any less do you? Should you? Same idea with politics and religion (these are touchy subjects so I won’t get into them too much). Not everyone is going believe what I believe, or want what I want and there comes a point where I just have to concede and move on.

There is a fine line between fighting for what you believe it and agreeing to disagree. I think it comes down to who you surround yourself with. As a majority the people in your life should already have similar beliefs and values as you-isn’t that what brings people together in the first place? Trust in their goodness and embrace their differences.

Make healthy decisions today. And tomorrow. Healthy for your minds and body.

Peace. Love. Barbell.



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