Expectation Hangover

10 Mar

Expectation Hangover=Undesirable feelings and thoughts that occur when things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to.

Feelings of Expectation Hangovers=sad, depressed, bummed out, angry, disappointed, discouraged, confusion, denial, regret, and more…


What is the cure of an Expectation Hangover?

Buck up. Stop wallowing and turn it into something great.

What do you do when you set a goal for yourself that you do not reach? When you have this expectation of yourself and you fail to meet it? Has this happened to you?

I have. I did on Sunday. I’m currently recovering from my expectation hangover. It sucks.

Life doesn’t always give us what we want, for a reason. The way out of an expectation hangover is to embrace the experience and learn from it.

I recently started listening to podcast, a big thank you to Rachel for introducing me to  them. A few weeks ago I listened to Christine Hassler on Expectation Hangovers. (This came from ‘The One You Feed”, my favorite one!). What she was saying really hit home to me. (I highly recommend finding it and listening to her entire podcast). My favorite quote from her podcast is, “If we slam the door on an Expectation Hangover, we miss out on walking through a doorway of transformation!”.

We can’t change what has already been done. BUT we can decide on how we move forward.

Try to rid the thoughts of regret, judgement, shoulda/coulda/wouldas and focus on that fact that you did the best you could, you did not do anything wrong, and your self-worth does not come from the result of this one occurrence.

I have also been reading one of my new favorite books, “The Invictus Mindset”. Ironically enough the chapter I am on right now is about self talk. Positive self talk is one of the most important aspects to anyone’s success, athlete or not. That little voice inside your head has more power over you than you might think.

It fits perfectly with expectation hangovers. You have to be sure all self talk is positive. aeaea1eb3ca5ae86de61b84c5d50baaf

Know you can, believe you can, trust that you can, have faith.

Every day is a new day.

Learn from yesterday to make the best of today.


2 weeks done. 3 to go. I’m sitting at 47th and CFD is 41st.

Definitely not satisfied with this, but I’ll I can do is know I am doing my best. And continue to do my best. Good things will come, I feel it.

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