Never Stop Smiling

17 Mar


Comparison can be perceived as evil, but competition is not. These two very similar ideas can create very different feelings and outcomes.

Comparison: to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences

Competition: to strive to outdo another for acknowledgment, a prize, supremacy,profit, etc.; engage in a contest

When you look at the definition of them you can clearly see the difference, but they coexist in most aspects of our lives.

Markella, my person (Greys reference for those who watch), asked me yesterday for her weekly progress update on the Opens. I responded with, “I haven’t looked at my ranking yet, I’ll let you know tomorrow” and she responded with, “Not where do you stand! How did it go? Like you happy with it? Don’t base your success on other people’s scores. (Even though that’s exactly what competition is)”

That hit home to me. It’s so hard when you are competing to not compare yourselves to all of the other athletes around you. Just like she said, that is competition. How do we separate the competition results with our personal results and the feelings/emotions we take away from it all?

Did you try for your first muscle up this week? Did you get one? If not, do you feel like you failed?

You shouldn’t. Think back to where you were 6 months ago, 1 month ago, a week ago… Are you closer to getting one than you were then?


The only worthwhile comparison we should make in life is of ourselves. Are we making personal progress, are we moving in the right direction, are we taking steps in our journey to better ourselves?

If you answered yes then half the battle is done. If that answers is no, then you need to reflect on your path thus far and see what changes you can make in the future to ensure personal development.

No matter the road you are taking or the destination you are headed towards, you just have to keep moving forward. Look back only to reflect and learn, don’t dwell. Your journey can take turns, hit speed bumps, your end goal can shift and transform, as long as you give it your all each and every day good things will come.


Update: 61 in the region individually, 37 Crossfit Defined

2 more weeks to move up that leaderboard. #teamcfd #believe #nevergiveup #neverstopsmiling

1265536_467694636678897_434061228_o#throwback #theoneandonlynickalex #throwinthev

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