Hope Vs. Reality

24 Mar

As humans most of us are raised to have hope in our hearts. To hope for a bright future, to hope for good things to come, to hope that people mean well, to hope that the world is a great place, to hope for miracles.

Some of us grow up with more of that hope inside of us than others.

I grew up with a lot of it, always an optimist. From a young age I radiated faith. I always believed the best in people, that amazing things were ahead of me and that anything was possible.

As I have traveled along this journey of life I have learned thus far that at some points I must be realistic.

Does being realistic make me a pessimist. It seems it would be that way since it is the antonym for optimism.

One of our greatest challenges in life is the balancing act of hope vs reality. When do we allow the scale to keep tipping towards hope and when do we succumb to the fact that it’s going to weigh towards the reality side?

It’s quite the balancing act.

Is holding on to a glimmer of a hope a human blessing or a human flaw?

Does it set us up for happiness and success or great sadness and disappointment?

I don’t know if this makes me foolish or brave, but I’m going to channel my young, ambitious, wishful self and continue to believe.

FullSizeRender 2

One more week. I currently sit 62nd. Team CFD is 42nd.

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